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Hendrix Records Set For Reissue

>>> Stef Lach, TeamRock.com - 08/20/2014

Jimi Hendrix's first two posthumous albums are set for reissue next month.
The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats on September 16. Both have been remastered by Bernie Grundman and are available now for pre-order.
Originally released in 1971, The Cry Of Love was compiled and mixed by Hendrix's long-time engineer Eddie Kramer and Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell. The bulk of the tracks were recorded between December 1969 and the summer of 1970 at Electric Lady Studios in New York, and were intended to be part of a double LP tentatively titled First Rays of the New Rising Sun.
Rainbow Bridge was also compiled and mixed by Eddie Kramer and Mitch Mitchell in 1971, with the help of Electric Lady Studios engineer John Jansen. Most of the tracks were recorded in 1969 and 1970, during the same sessions that spawned The Cry Of Love.

Pearcy: 30 Years of Ratt 'Enough'

>>> Martin Kielty, TeamRock.com - 08/18/2014

Former Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy says he walked out on the band for the last time because he felt three decades of "volatile" living was enough.
He believes the notoriously unstable band changed for the worse when guitarist Robbin Crosby died in 2002 - but his offer of returning for a final album remains open.
Pearcy, who quit in April, tells Inappropriate Earl: "30 years is enough time to be in something that's so volatile. Things weren't proper."
He reports he's enjoying life more with his solo band, although he's not planning to stage any large-scale tours: "There's less drama and there's less overall business structure," he says. "It's more back to basics. I just like getting out there once in a while."

Rush Park Plan Gets Green Light

>>> Scott Munro, TeamRock.com - 08/13/2014

Rush frontman Geddy Lee says he and Alex Lifeson are "humbly honoured" after plans were approved to name a neighbourhood park after them.
North York Community Council in Toronto yesterday rubber-stamped the change of title from Willowdale Park to the Lee Lifeson Art Park, with the intention of acknowledging the musicians' contributions to culture and the community where they grew up.
Early designs for the development include sculptural installations, a performance space and a small bandstand for acoustic concerts.

Rare Moore Tracks On Live Album

>>> Martin Kielty, TeamRock.com - 08/05/2014

Gary Moore's 2007 concert at London's Bush Hall is to be launched as a live album next month, Eagle Rock have confirmed.
It's the first time the entire recording will have been heard since its broadcast by a radio station soon after it took place - and the 13-track set features several tracks that have never appeared on any live release.
Blues icon Moore's band included keyboardist Vic Martin, bassist Pete Rees and drummer Brian Downey. The veteran guitarist and vocalist died in 2011 after suffering a heart attack on holiday, just as he was planning to reconnect with his heavy rock past.